WINDOWS 10 activation 0xc004c060 error


You have got 0xc004c060 activation error during the activation process? Below are the solutions to this issue.




This error indicates that your product key is perceived by Microsoft as “no longer valid”.



Run the Activation Troubleshooter:

  • press Windows key + R
  • type ‘ms-settings:activation’
  • press Enterto open up the Activation tab of the Settings screen

MS Windows 10 Pro


  • In the right section of the screen find the Activate section
  • Run Troubleshot and apply the fix (if there is available)

MS Windows 10 Pro


  • Keep in mind that this section will only be available in case your Windows 10 is not activated




If your Windows is still not activated and you have got another error message, please send us these two screenshots:


  1. The screenshot of the error message you are getting (blue windows with error number):


MS Windows 10 Pro



  1. The screenshot of your System page (Right-click on Windows flag, then click on system and take a screenshot of the “Windows specification” part” so we can see the version of your Windows).


MS Windows 10 Pro


Thank you!