What’s New in the Recent Update Of Windows 10?

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Microsoft always keeps their OS in-tact with all the latest features & security standards. And as we all know, Microsoft has stopped giving the new Windows version upgrades. Instead, with the new approach of Windows SaaS, Microsoft is giving a new feature update every 6 months. 

Their last major release was in May 2020. Their last May 2020 update is known as Windows 10 version 2004. Its codename is 20H1. It is their 9th major update and the first semi-annual update, released on May 27, 2020. In this article, we will discuss all the leading features of this update.

How to install this new update, if you haven’t yet?

To install the update, go to settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Update. There, you will be able to check, if the new update is available or not. Microsoft slowly rolls out their updates. Hence, to skip the usual slow rollout process delays, the users can also download Microsoft’s Update Assistant tool

Now, let’s discuss the leading features of the newer update.

Better control over Windows updates

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From now on, the user will be able to decide which Windows update to install or not. A few optional updates such as non-security updates, hardware driver updates, etc will remain without installation. They will appear in the optional updates list. Head over to Settings >> Update & Security>> there you will have an option to view all the optional updates.

New Cortana window with chat-based text support

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After this Windows update, the Cortana will accept the text-based command too. Also, the Cortana will have its dedicated window, customizable with dark & light themes. The user will be able to move & resize the Cortana window. And Microsoft has refined Cortana for better performance, a new language, and speech models too.

Custom virtual desktop names

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If you are a user of virtual desktop functionality, Microsoft is even allowing you to rename virtual desktops according to your preferences. Open Task View, and right-click on the thumbnail of your desired desktop. And click on the rename option to rename the virtual desktop. 

Cloud-downloading while reinstalling Windows

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After the Windows 10 2004 update, when we reset PC from Settings >> Update & Security >> Recovery, the Windows will give two options of local or cloud reinstall. 

If we select a local install, the Windows will be installed from local files available on the system. And If we select Cloud install, Windows will download the latest version from the cloud and install it on your system.

Set bandwidth Limits for Windows Update

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Windows 10 2004 update is allowing us to control how much bandwidth should be used for downloading the Windows update. We can control the precise absolute bandwidth limit in Mbps. To use the bandwidth limiting feature, head over to Settings >> Update & Security >> Delivery Optimization >> Advanced options.

The smarter & fast Windows search

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Microsoft uses the Windows search indexer for a fast Windows search. It runs in the background in real-time and scans your disk files to create a search database. To enable it, go to settings >> Search >> Searching Windows tab, and select an enhanced option. And to avoid its effects on PC’s performance, read the provided instruction before enabling it.

More data on network status page

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With the new update of Windows, the network status page will include more information on various networks such as Wifi, cellular, ethernet, etc. The properties & the data usage of any particular network will be displayed here. To open the network status page, go to Settings >> Network & Internet. And access the data of various networks.

Real-time GPU temperature

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From now on, the users are not required to install third-party apps to know the real-time temperature of the GPU. The task manager by itself will show the real-time GPU temperature. To open task manager, right-click on Taskbar >> Click on Task Manager >> and Go to the Performance tab.

Paint & WordPad will be the optional programs

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In Windows 10 2004 update, WordPad & Paint both will be in the list of optional features. To use them or not will be decided by the user himself. To access optional features, head over to Setting >> Apps >> And click on Optional Features.

Automatic start desktop and UWP apps after the restart

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Windows 10 2004 update also gives the option to automatically restart the restartable apps after sign out. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Sign-in options. Here, under the Restart Apps section, turn on the toggle that says, “Automatically save my restartable apps when I sign out and restart them after I sign in.”

Real-Time FPS in Xbox game bar

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Windows 10 game bar already has several features such as quick volume controls, performance graphs, Spotify integration, etc. And with this Windows 10 2004 update, they have enabled real-time FPS counter and achievement overlay too. While playing games, open the Game bar by pressing Windows+G on the keyboard.

Final words

Even though Windows 10 2004 version is just a twice in a year upgrade from Microsoft, still it includes several high-end improvements for the users. Here we have included all the highlighting features of the upgrade. We hope this article was useful to you. And thanks for reading till the end.

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