Top 8 Coolest Windows 10 Tricks & Features that you Didn’t know.

Windows 10 has been here for quite long now. The majority of the PCs around the world are already updated to windows 10. This new version has come up with tons of new features and functionalities. The coolest new features like Cortana, Edge, updated start menu, and several more features have made its way to your computers.

There are various hacks and mods available in windows. This version of windows has always been known for its diverse functionality & customization capabilities. But still, there are several advanced features that you may not be aware of. The tricks & features discussed here will surely help you in improving the experience of using windows. So without further due, let’s discuss the coolest windows 10 features one by one.

Dynamic lock

Microsoft Windows 10

This feature can come handy if you do not want anyone else to take a peek inside your computer when you are not sitting in front of it. The computer automatically locks when you move away from it. That sounds cool, right? Let’s discuss how to enable it. Well for that, you need to pair up your smartphone with your laptop via Bluetooth. And then, go to Settings> Accounts> Sign-In Options and enable the dynamic lock option. And voila, the feature is activated. From now on, whenever you move away from your computer with your mobile device (the phone goes out of the range of Bluetooth connection with your laptop). The computer will automatically be locked. 

Manage your storage like a pro

Microsoft Windows 10

If you are facing the problem of less storage on your computer, this feature will come handy for you. The storage sense will help you free up a couple of GBs occupied by unnecessary files. Head over Settings> System> Storage.
There you will have the option to access all the drives. And it also shows what types of files are consuming how much storage. You can delete all the unnecessary files. And there is also an option of “Storage Sense.” Enabling it will automatically delete all the temporary files and recycle bin files sitting idle for more than thirty days.

Better control over windows update

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows updates are important. But sometimes they annoy the users with their uncontrollable timings. Hence in the May 2019 update of windows, they introduced these features. Go to Setting> Updates and Security > Windows Update. There you can pause upcoming updates. And several more controls over updates. The variety of options may vary based on the version of windows you are using. Windows 10 home will have fewer functionalities than the Pro version. 

Night light option

Microsoft Windows 10

To all the individuals, who love to work till late at night (just like us), this option can come handy. Enabling this option will block all the blue light on the screen. This option can be enabled manually whenever you want, or it can also be scheduled for a specific daily time. To activate this feature, go to Settings> System> Display and enable the toggle of Night Light. And just down below this toggle, there are Night Light settings. There, it can be scheduled for a specific time of the day. Hence from now on, late-night working will not affect your sleeping habits.

Background app manager

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 gives you much better control over your computer. You can even control the apps running in the background. Go to the Settings> Privacy> Background Apps. There, you will see the list of all the apps running in the background. You can disable a few of the unnecessary apps running in the background. It will save some data, battery, and may free up some extra ram too.

Focus assistant

Microsoft Windows 10

This feature came in the April 2018 update of Windows 10. As the name suggests, it helps you increase your focus & increases your productivity. It gives you greater control over the notification pop up on your screen. To use this functionality, head over to Settings> System> Focus Assist. There, you get the whole new control over the notification. You can set your priorities, alarms only notification, or completely turn off the notifications too. 

Emoji keyboard

Microsoft Windows 10

The emojis are a great way to express your emotions. And they have become an essential part of our texting habits. But it is not that easy to type emojis using the hard keyboards of PCs. But with windows 10, you have an easy solution. There is a whole emoji keyboard just a few clicks away. To enable it, right-click on the taskbar area of the screen. Check the “Show touch keyboard button”. Now, you will have the keyboard button at the bottom right side of your computer screen. By clicking it, a virtual keyboard will open. And there will also be the option of emoji on the keyboard. Use this function whenever you want.

Dark mode

Microsoft Windows 10

This much-awaited option is also available in the Windows 10. Enable it by going to the Settings> Personalization> Color Settings and select the dark windows mode. This is one of the coolest functionality provided by windows. And enabling it will apply a dark theme to every navigation, file explorer, and apps. One of the highly loved features of the windows 10 so far.

This was a list of hidden features of windows that many of us are not aware of. Use these functionalities and get the best experience of using a Windows computer. And if you want to purchase original windows license, Microsoft products, Antiviruses at most attractive prices, please head over to our collection pages. The Software-Codes is a global leader and digital distributor of Software products. Also, get the benefits of 24/7 support and instant delivery.

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