Microsoft office phone activation


For instructions on how to activate via phone, please see below.
Now click next to continue.
You will see the telephone activation section.
Once you have determined what type of Installation ID is shown
    1. Start by going to this webpage link
    1. Now Choose option 6 digits or 7 digits to start phone activation.
    1. Now copy paste your Installation ID to the corresponding boxes, and click submit
    1. You will now be Prompted to answer how many times did you install this product, press 0(The reason we choose 0 as you have not activated this on any PC yet)
    1. The automated system will now verify your Installation ID and generate Confirmation ID for you
  1. Type the Confirmation ID into your PC carefully and press next.
  2. Your activation is successful and fully installed on your PC now
Please see the image below.
You can now click close and start to use your software.
If you have any issues during this installation please contact our support section.