5 Reasons You Should Switch To Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019

Microsoft Office doesn’t need much of an introduction, and Office 2019 is the latest and greatest version of the suite for users.

 Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student provides classic Office apps and email for families and students who want to install them on one Mac or Windows 10 PC for use at home or school.

 Here are five exciting ways students will benefit from Office 2019:

 #1 Take Advantage Of New Features

Microsoft Office 2019 is meant to improve computing experience to consumers who previously used Office 2016. If you’re using Office 2016 or an older version of the Microsoft Office suite, upgrading to Office 2019 will get you caught up with many of the features and capabilities available today for Office 365 subscribers.

 If you are a student, get hold of Microsoft Office 2019 Home And Student and you’ve got the most powerful office applications at your fingertips. Office 2019 Home & Student comes with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


#2 Get Work Done Faster                                                                                                                 Word is getting a new Focus Mode, designed to shut out distractions on your desktop so you can get work done faster. Also there is a Translator pane, useful for those who need to work in multiple languages. To translate words or phrases with it, you select them, then right-click your selection and choose Translate from the menu that appears. Simple as can be.


#3 Analyze Creatively                                                                                                                 Excel is getting a slew of new and improved tools to help students generate reports, data models, and sophisticated analyses. Excel’s new features focus primarily on data analysis, including funnel charts and 2D maps, new functions and connectors, the ability to publish from Excel to PowerBI, and enhancements to PowerPivot and PowerQuery.

#4 Enjoy In Enhanced Inking                                                                                                                                                             In Office 2019, inking features have only gotten better. This feature lets you write or draw directly on a PowerPoint slide or in a Word document using your choice of pen type and ink colour. You can also use your pen to crop images, move objects around your screen, highlight text, and erase what you’ve drawn.

#5 Always Access Easily

Once you order Office 2019, you have permanent access to all its features, all on your computer, for as long as you want. You won’t need to sign in online to access your software or worry about losing access when a subscription expires. With Office 2019, you can set it and forget it – it’s always at your fingertips.

If you are ready to take advantage of the upgrades and benefits listed above, you can find this product on our webshop:

Also, if you are planning to get Office 2019, you should now that it is set to only run in Windows 10, which means you will need to update your Windows before you can buy it.

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